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Floored… you all are the best! — 8 weeks to go….

Hey all –
Nice weather here yesterday so kicked off the outdoor training with a fun 16.7 mile ride with some hills, limited by daylight. Feeling good that the indoor training has helped me get ahead for the mid June weekend! 8 weeks – amped up!! 🚴‍♂️
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AND… Well I am beyond grateful, for you all have certainly kicked off this year with a wonderful bang with the mention of Fundraising Week! Have raised $4,165 already to help fight MS, $3300 of it during the challenge! You all are inspiring me with your well wishes and donations to kick out some great training in next 8 weeks, and throughout the summer for the Sept event too. Not only did I win a team beer stein from Tanya, but from the MS Society (judging from website) I will win a MS Prize Pack and our team too will win upgrades to our team tent at the finish!! The team gift was mainly due to you all…. I am humbled by the donations from those who are able – as well as, equally, from the well wishes of support. And I know some of you have mentioned to me you are still intending on donating…. THANK YOU!!!  I am really just floored at the dent we can put in MS… for Tanya and others – and you all have already given me a huge lift in taking on this challenge.

I am planning on doing 75 miles both days and really want to get upto the level of doing the 100 mile route at least one day. You all have amped me up about achieving that goal! 🧡🚴‍♀️🚴‍♂️🚴❤️ Thank you!

I keep upping the donation goal as you all keep donating more and more…. But know too that this is appreciated by the MS Society as fundraising has been tough these last few years. And so far only 139 riders in West MI ride, and they cancelled the Mid MI ride for good now. So your donations mean so much – THANK YOU for all affected by MS.

If you’d still like to donate, see below… (and as well I’ve included a link at bottom if I am spamming too much and you can unsubscribe with no worries!)

Love to you all…
Ride on and keep pedaling!
Thanks from me and Tanya and the team! ❤️🚴‍♀️🚴🚴‍♂️🧡
– Ashby

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