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Holland BikeMS A Success Last Weekend With 130 Miles! Frankenmuth In August!

A huge shoutout of thanks to all who donated so far or sent words of support! You all had me pedaling hard this lastweekend, and our team is still battling it out for the top fundraising team on Aug 9th. Team Circle of Friends has raised more that $21K so far and your donations to my two rides are currently over $5K. Incredible is an understatement. You all are doing so much for many in need of the support and will benefit from the research being done. I’ll do the raffle soon!

Following up after my last blog post last Saturday night from Holland, some rain was predicted for Sunday but we had rain gear at the ready. On Saturday I got in 80 miles, 5 of which were on the start of the 100 mile route extra leg, before I decided to turn back. Some big headwinds were gonna make the last 15 miles of that really tough for my tired legs. So Sunday my teammates were mostly eyeing the 50 mile route, with two looking at the 100 again.

We hit the road shortly after 7am again after getting our team picture together.

It was threatening to rain a little but we were dressed for it on the routes.

I was shooting for either 50 or 75 miles. Teammates opted for the 50 and I did as well. Two teammates did do the 100 and I could have ridden with them for part of the 75 But I would have slowed them a little and the last 30 I would have to do alone. Was thinking about tackling it for all the great donations but just didn’t have that extra 25 in my legs on Sunday.

But got a good 50 in and it didn’t rain too much. Ended up finishing with teammates Dave and Mary on their tandem. We took an extra block or two before the finish to get us over 50 miles.

Last year your generosity had me at #5 fundraiser for this ride, and so far this year you all have donated over $5000 to me and our team is over $21K. Incredible!! The impact to those affected by MS is direct as well as helping fund important research! Donations are still accepted until August 9th and Frankenmuth BikeMS is Aug 26 & 27 so your donation goes to two ride weekends!

Thanks again for your contributions and continued support over the years! Will be training for end of August! Stay tuned for the raffle in about two weeks!!

Much love! Ride On friends!
— Ashby 🧡🚴‍♀️🚴🚴‍♂️❤️

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