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Holland BikeMS A Success Last Weekend With 130 Miles! Frankenmuth In August!

A huge shoutout of thanks to all who donated so far or sent words of support! You all had me pedaling hard this lastweekend, and our team is still battling it out for the top fundraising team on Aug 9th. Team Circle of Friends has raised more that $21K so far and your donations to my two rides are currently over $5K. Incredible is an understatement. You all are doing so much for many in need of the support and will benefit from the research being done. I’ll do the raffle soon!

Day One done – 79.8 miles! Wooden Shoe Award!

Had a great ride today. Good weather and a little windy but temps only high 70s. I didn’t update from the road as we were focused on eating and hydrating at rest stops with some urgency to get to the 100 mile leg before it closed timewise. I was riding with teammates and at mile 68 or so, we started on the 100 mile route extra leg…. But I was worried about the tough headwind on the way back… and turned back after a few miles to finish just shy of 80 miles. The 100 this year will wait for another day. Tomorrow we are getting rain but we’ll be out there!

Only 2 Weeks before June BikeMS! 70 miles today and 269.6 total so far!

Surprised myself today with a bump up to 70 miles on today’s ride with teammate Meredith, after a shorter midweek ride. Actually for the June 10 & 11th event weekend in two weeks, I am now planning on the 100 mile on Saturday and – gulp – maybe Sunday too! Getting a little crazy for the crazy support from you all! We are over $3100 so far! AMAZING!!

Sandhill Cranes May 20 2023

21 Days until June Ride – Sandhill Cranes and 45+ Miles Today!

Had a great training ride today with teammates Meredith, Deb and Adam. Actually was a bit cool (mid 50s) and a little windy and overcast, but we were bundled up good. With just 3 weeks before the June BikeMS ride weekend we are trying to log some good miles and time in the saddle. We did little over 45 miles today and explored a newly paved section of a rails-to-trails path. Tackled some hills today, doing the “Pam Anderson” pair of bigger hills on the road around Kensington. Teammate Scott named them such and that’s what we still call them as we take on the challenge.