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74.2 miles done on Day 2. Great BikeMS West MI experience!

Well success on a 175 mile weekend on our team’s maiden voyage on this side of the state. Finished today about 2:15 just after teammate Adam peeled off to do the extra 25 on the century loop. Felt pretty good all day and for a short minute thought about doing the century again today. I will goto extremes for the kind and generous donations!! But didn’t have it in my body today. Sept’s ride definitely shooting for the 200 mile weekend with all these great donations and the kind words given year round. We are making a difference for those with and affected by MS!!
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Was waiting for Adam to finish the century, as our teammates had to head home. Tanya had an MS related bike issue and is a little banged up. Damn MS.

– But there was an older guy at least 75 plus who finished maybe the 75 right before Adam, and while we were getting the BBQ dinner, overheard that he like Tanya rides with MS. Inspiring!!

So had the BBQ dinner goodness and just packing up to head back across the state. A good weekend for the team – except for Tanya being banged up! Damn MS – we are working to end you! 🧡🚴‍♀️🚴🚴‍♂️❤️

Here are some photos Adam snapped (I am not brave enough to use my phone while riding) from the 2nd half of the day…

I am sporting this years prize jersey for raising over $1000
More country roads

Thanks for still donating – got a few yesterday and today. I’ll have the Raffle Drawing next weekend so still time to mail a check if that is your preferred donation means.

Closing in on $6000 raised for this ride and Sept’s ride – two for one!! Incredible total so far! Thank you for helping to beat MS!! If you’d still like to donate see the Donation Options Page. And check out the Raffle Prizes Page too!!

Thanks for getting me out on the road for this ride and September’s ride, and inspiring all the training miles. West MI 2022 was great fun – wonderful scenic course, very well run and supported ride, and great teammates with Circle of Friends.

I may have more thoughts on the experience soon and I’ll write soon about the Raffle drawing occurring next weekend! Any donation amount gets you entered.

Much love for all the support – Ride on, friends, Ride on! 🧡🚴‍♀️🚴🚴‍♂️❤️ — Ashby


  1. Congratulations, Ashby! Way to ride and even more important, nice job raising funds for MS research.

    1. I appreciate it Craig, thank you!

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