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Getting Ready to Push off at 7:00am tomorrow!

About a 3 hour drive to Holland, but we all got checked in and had dinner at Skiles Bar with local residents Scott and Laura. Scott is a college friend of mine and is gonna join us for Frankenmuth in Sept. Had some pizza and beer for dinner and had pasta for lunch today and dinner last night. Carbo loading is good eating!
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Locals Laura and Scott

We are hanging out in our campus apartment and about to noosh on some of Tanya’s famous cookies.

Tanya bakes these fresh for us!
Adam and Mark
Tanya doing her PhD homework- always working!
Team Jersey for tomorrow
100 mile route for tomorrow

Getting excited about tacking the 100 tomorrow- might not be as fast as my three other teammates doing the 100 too, so might be solo for the day. But no worries!!

We have breakfast in the dorm about 5:45 and then get ready to start at 7:00am. It’s gonna be cloudy all day and high of 72 – perfect! I’ll post at lunch tomorrow! Maybe after breakfast.

Thanks for all the donations making a dent in MS and furthering the hope to end MS!

Goodnight and check with you tomorrow!! — Ashby

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  1. Good luck, Buck!

    1. Thanks brother!

  2. Go Ashby! Thanks

    1. Thank you Bob!!!

  3. Good luck! Have a great day!!

    1. Thanks man! We ride for you all who know someone with MS!

  4. Have fun tomorrow Ashby, ride safe!🌞

    1. Thank you Micky!! 🌞

  5. Rock on!

    1. Rock and roll brother!!

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